Purchase a special splitter to connect multiple TVs to one cable. Splitter is a kind of tee that splits the coaxial cable. Inspect the splitter. At one end it has only one socket, the other with several. In this one nest directly insert the cable. In the other, insert the prepared wire with the proper connectors to connect them to the TV. These wires you can do yourself or buy in any electronics store.
Purchase an additional splitter, if you use the receiver to access satellite channels. Pay attention to which channel is used to connect the receiver to the TV. To connect multiple TVs to one cable, you will need a splitter with VGA or DVI. They are now very common, therefore, to acquire such a device is not difficult. As in the previous case, plug the source cable into the input socket of the splitter and its outputs run your wires with the appropriate connectors for televisions.
Use adapter if needed. Ports DVI, VGA and HDMI can be connect using a special adapter. You can buy them in the right quantity and computerwide ports. Note that the use of the adapter significantly reduces the signal quality.
Also don't forget that if you connect two TVs to one cable, both TVs will show same channel. You can also use the aforementioned splitters to connect the TV to the connector of the video card your personal computer. As in the previous case, both TVs will accept the same signal.
If you require different TVs to view different channels, do the following. To each of the TVs in one of the connectors connect the coaxial cable of a conventional antenna. At the other end of the cable, which will follow from the splitter. If necessary, you will have the ability to switch between modes of reception channels antenna/receiver.