You will need
  • - DiSEqC.
Install two satellite antennas. The most traditional variant: one "looks" to the West and has three heater – on satellite Amos 2/3 4W, Astra at 4.8 E(Sirius 5E) and HotBird 13E, the second towards the East, where the satellites ABS 1 75E, 80E Express AM2 and Yamal 201 90E. When installing them make sure that the brackets to which they are attached, or were horizontal (on the wall) or vertical (on the roof). In addition, before the antennas should not be tall buildings or tall trees that might block the satellite signal.
Set the first "Western" antenna. To do this, connect the coaxial cable to the Central heater (Astra 4,8 E), and then into the slot receiver in LBN. Latest connect to a TV and tune to the channel that will show a satellite TV. Further, switching of TV channels switch the remote control receiver. Menu tuner, select the satellite Astra 4,8 E, if not – mount it manually. Install these settings transponder – 11766h27500, DiSEqC off. Put the antenna vertically and move to the right until it stops. Moving it to the left, catch the satellite signals and bring its power up to 80-90%. It will be seen at the bottom of the settings window. Fix the antenna in that position.

Turn off the satellite receiver and connect the cable from the heater Amos2/3 4W. Adjusting the heater on the bar, set up for satellite. Also select the signal on the satellite HotBird 13E. Set up the same way the second antenna, since Express AM2 80E. At the same time to connect the two antennas to a single receiver, use an electronic device DiSEqC 8-1 (8 – inputs, 1 – output). Connect the coaxial cables from all six heaters to it, and the output cable to the receiver. Turn it on in the settings menu of the satellites "include" DiSEqC. Receiver scan all transponders six satellites and save the channels. In the same way you can connect three, four, etc. satellite dishes should only take a DiSEqC with a large number of inputs.