If you love beach holidays, pay attention to the black sea beaches of Russia, Ukraine, Crimea, from more distant places pregnant women will approach Israel, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, Spain, Croatia, Greece.
Before heading to a hot country, check what the weather at this time on the coast. To go on a journey from winter to summer gynaecologists pregnant women is not recommended. Too high a chance encounter on the trip with the difficulties during the acclimatization and subsequent reduction in immunity. In the tourist season in these countries is excessively hot. A woman's body is working for two, it will be even harder to cope with the heat.
Go to the beaches in the off-season. At this time you will fully enjoy the sea air, moderate temperature of air and water, improve their health and improve sleep.
The ski resorts should not go to women, never raised before pregnancy to the mountains. But even if you are a lover of mountains, be careful in mountainous areas during pregnancy. At high altitudes can cause the breath, and due to fluctuations in the hormonal system the normal level of body temperature. But in the summer stay in the mountains with a moderate holding of events works in the body pregnant women is quite beneficial. You can enjoy walks in the mountain area, swimming, Spa treatments, breathe clean air with a high proportion of oxygen in it.
Visit during pregnancy, European cities and attractions. At this time, make shopping, buying quality European clothing for pregnant women and children at reduced prices at the local sales. Wear while walking, comfortable shoes and not constraining movements clothes as walking, visiting new places, have a lot.
Those pregnant women who do not experience sea sickness, enjoy during the boat cruise. This water tour will give the woman a lot of positive emotions, the ability to see different cities, to enjoy the sea views.