In the case where you just need to visit a gynecologist, agree with the employer and take time off during a working day or a few hours. It's much easier than making a sick day.
If you feel unwell, for example, the emergence of abdominal pain, increased uterine tone, contact your gynecologist. He will examine you and determine if you need a hospital in your state and for how long. Usually the doctors meet the patients, especially if their work is physically demanding or prolonged stay on his feet. If the physician decides you need to leave work, he will write you sick leave.
If your sickness is not related to pregnancy, for example, you have a toothache or started cold, contact your doctor. In most lung diseases, such as SARS, to prescribe treatment and to write the hospital, you may be a therapist from the clinic by place of residence.
When severe sickness or a possible threat of miscarriage call GP home. You can also do this during flu season, if you are afraid of getting infected at the clinic. The invitation of a doctor at home for free and on weekdays is fairly good for a pregnant woman unable to come to the day of the call. An ambulance call only in case of sharp and sudden deterioration of health, as well as on weekends, when the clinic is not working. This is due to the fact that the emergency doctor can only relieve some symptoms of the disease, and, if necessary, to get you to the hospital. The issuance of sick leave and long-term care, he does. On the contrary, the primary care physician can give the necessary help even when you leave the house.
Tell your employer about the disease and how long you will be absent. After returning to the workplace to show him the sick list. Your absence through illness you will be paid the average wages for the last two years.