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Preferential permits on SANATORNO-resort treatment at the expense of the FSS can obtain certain categories, which are listed in the Federal law "On state social assistance". People with disabilities, war veterans, soldiers serving in military units, establishments, etc. Provision of sanatorium treatment, one of the social services provided to representatives of these categories. But it happens that from the package of social services refuse to by providing monetary compensation. If not, and you belong to one of the privileged categories of citizens, can count on a ticket, provided that you have medical indications for treatment.

Distribution of vouchers to sanatoriums head of territorial office of the FSS. In order to qualify, you must provide: a statement on the granting of the permit, passport, pension certificate or other personal documents (may request the work book), the document confirming belonging to the preferential category, and medical certificate about need of a treatment. The certificate will need to be given the diagnosis and the core area of the sanatorium. The certificate is valid 6 months. Within 20 days you must give consent or denial of the permit.

Help regions

If you need to recover or rehabilitate after an illness or operation at the expense of means of subjects of the Russian Federation. The procedure for providing vouchers in this case in its legislation. Mostly right on such trips is the people who suffered diseases and surgery of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, other internal organs, pregnant women, etc. the Decision about referral to the aftercare takes the hospital where the patient was treated.

Best kids

It is possible to obtain the permit on sanatorium treatment for children. To obtain information in the children's clinic. If a child suffered a serious illness or complex surgery and needs rehabilitation, doctors can suggest to send him to a sanatorium or to issue a certificate of need for follow-up care. Free tickets for kids can offer parents at their place of work. For obtaining the permit need to submit to the employer a statement with justification that the child is in need of sanatorium treatment, and receive help from the clinic. Documents are transferred to the FSS which takes the decision on issue of permits. There are also certain social programs, empowering children together with their mothers to visit the sanatorium. Such vouchers are provided to children with impaired health and even frequently ill. A trip to the sanatorium may be requested through the clinic, which treated the baby.