You will need
  • - business plan;
  • - registration and licensing documents;
  • - trading equipment;
  • - employees;
  • advertising.
In order to start any new business, it is necessary to calculate all the costs and possible revenues. To do this, make a business plan. Its development can also be outsourced to experts, giving them all the necessary information.
Register as an individual entrepreneur or create a legal entity. Remember that for trade in food products subsequently you will also need permits from the sanitary and epidemiological service.
Think about where and how you sell pies, because the options are many.
You can sell the pies wholesale to various restaurants and shops. For this you do not need almost nothing but the office (it can be successfully organized in a private house or apartment) and transport. Many entrepreneurs prefer to sell pies through specialized tent or mobile stand. Also in the sale now there are vending machines at the bake sale. They are in the simplest of modifications may include refrigeration storage silo pies and a module for heating or cooking, which works as a microwave.
Can arrange delivery hot cakes in the house, but it is better indulged in such service at the existing outlet.
Further, if necessary, find a room or area for placement of outlets. This property can be purchased or rented.
Purchase all the necessary equipment. His set will depend on the chosen method of implementation of pies.
If you own to engage in the production of baked goods, find suppliers of raw materials. Otherwise, arrange on deliveries with manufacturers of pies. Choose for cooperation reliable and famous company, because you may depend the lives and health of customers.
If you will be selling pies through a stationary or mobile kiosk, you will need a sellers. For realization of wholesale consignments, it is desirable to create a network of sales representatives or hiring sales managers. Remember that staff directly in contact with food must have a medical certificate.
Take care of advertising. In the case of trade on the ground will be enough signs and pillar. If you want to become a wholesale supplier, you can post information about yourself in specialized publications, the Internet, to carry out distribution of commercial offers and cold calls to potential partners.