Selling on the Internet

Eggs, like most other goods, you can sell on various sites and forums online. A significant disadvantage in this case — the majority of potential buyers would be at a considerable distance from you. That is, it will be necessary to resolve the issue with the delivery. Upon receiving multiple orders, it would be wise to go to the nearest city (from which orders are received) and to dissolve the eggs home. Either to negotiate with all buyers from the same city and on the specific meeting place. In this case, the customer must have a good reason to buy eggs from you (low price or other factors), as in the big cities not many are willing to drive considerable distances to buy eggs, even organic.

As for the resources, where you can put your suggestions, it is, for example, Avito, You can sell eggs on any of the regional thematic forums. The main thing is not to break the rules on using the forum and do not throw your suggestions on all subjects indiscriminately. Otherwise, customers will not find you if you're too Intrusive. Determined price (comparable to prices of competitors), formulate the proposal, focusing on the benefits of eggs your chickens and wait for calls from buyers.
Purchasing natural foods is also involved in the company's basket Buy food "".

Can network to find a company that will buy you eggs. Of course, buy products much cheaper, but on the delivery, promotion and other market problems will be forgotten. Orders supplies company, Eco-Product, for example. You can also sell other products of subsistence farming — honey, jam, fish, meat, milk.
You can personally come to the store and make arrangements with the Manager about the delivery. In this case, the purchase price may be higher than with additional intermediaries.

Selling eggs offline.

Not necessarily to sit and wait when someone comes to one of the sites and want to buy a rustic eggs. To not be afraid to spoil the goods, you can withdraw from the sale with the help of the Internet and to go to the market to trade. In cities and large towns it is often possible to observe such picture — people sit in a certain place and sell the most diverse products — mushrooms, flowers, vegetables, eggs. Find the nearest (or your) locality such a place and proceed to trade. Better the old-timers to figure out when, how and under what conditions trade takes place. Learn a lot of useful information. Including in terms of pricing in a particular place. If there is no desire to spend time on the selling, select seller bolder and offer a percentage of sales to implement the eggs. It is advisable that you at least knew a little of the person you trust the product.