You will need
  • - Leased premises;
  • - supplier of products;
  • - personal Bank account;
  • - notarized documents;
  • register.
Determine the location of the trading house. Rent will take the biggest part of the costs. Shopping the house can be access by clearing the room of sufficient size on a busy street in a business or residential area or in the Mall. Unfortunate decision to place it in an industrial area, as the promotion of products will be affected and you will face various difficulties.
Select an appropriate room. It is better not to be guided by the rent and the "value" of a visitor. The shopping center has higher rent, but people there are much more. When opening a trading house separately be prepared for the increase in marketing expenses.
Consider the appearance of trading at home: this is the first thing will be to pay attention to buyers. You need to make it attractive, and the exposure Windows corresponding to what customers can find inside. Also appearance is obliged to repeat the concept of your trading house. Buyers can remain unimpressed too artsy interior of the store, which sells cheap goods, or will they think that everything is very expensive. Conversely, boutique, rustic interiors are guaranteed to deter visitors.
Make the right layout inside to the room had free entrance, movement and exit of buyers. To do this, consider the logical location of all walkways, plazas, and auxiliary service areas.
Order is a crucial component of interacting with customers. From diversity in advertising depends very much. Learn the basic marketing ideas for retailers.
Prepare to test various regulatory authorities. To do this, observe all the requirements of various laws and government regulations to such businesses.