You will need
  • - business plan;
  • planning and building permits;
  • equipment;
  • products;
  • - staff.
Conduct market research. The market situation in the large retail sector – the key to understanding consumer demand. After analyzing what the shops lack in your town, it is easy to understand whether your choice. Competitive analysis of client flows and competitive environment, conducted with respect to the selected premises, allows us to Refine, it is worth it to open a shop of sausages, or look for another located more successfully.
Invite supervisors to get advice on the replacement of utilities, location of shopping areas, materials that are allowed to use for decorating the hall, etc. otherwise (if you invite them, only when everything will be ready) will increase the risk of possible defects and, accordingly, alterations.
Make repairs, purchase and place business equipment. Keep in mind that buying refrigerated counters, better to take those in which there is the possibility of placing the required temperature. Trade sausages requires different modes. For example, smoked sausage best kept in a positive zone and the cooked – zero. If you are going to sell fried sausages, and other types of sausages from raw meat – provide a separate refrigeration showcase with negative area. Don't forget the refrigerating chamber in the utility room, for storage products.
Select suppliers. As a rule, it is better to offer products of several meat processing plants. In this case consumers more choice. Try to think through the range so that your store was presented and honey sausage, and sausage with a moderate cost. If you plan to sell liver sausage and sausagemade with the blood of cattle – remember that they have a very low shelf life.
Get permission, hire personnel, imported goods and start trading. In the first days it is advisable to enter the discount and any campaign aimed at attracting an audience. For sausage shop makes sense to carry out marketing actions, designed for residents of nearby houses.