You will need
  • License to sell alcoholic beverages
For sale of alcoholic products is required to obtain a license. The first step you need to collect all the necessary documents.
The document list is quite extensive, you can check in the administration of your community. Required documents for obtaining a license: certificate of compliance requirements of retail premises, the sanitary Inspectorate; the Charter of your company and the certificate on statement on the account in tax bodies.
The license is given for a period of three years. You must submit the collected documents to the authorities dealing with licensing and to pay the license fee.
When the license is obtained, it is necessary to amend the Charter of the company changes the rules with regards to the sale of alcohol. Inform the sellers and the administrator how to sell alcohol. Rules of sale of alcohol you will get along with a license for its sale.
Next you need to find suppliers. Companies engaged in wholesale trade in alcohol, a lot. For a suitable choice of compare prices, ease of transportation and also, rate the purchasing power of the population. If your store is located in the center of a large city, it makes sense to sell expensive high-quality wines. If the location of your retail outlet there are many young people, the best option would be selling beer.