Specify in the contract minimum sale price for the goodsand VAT. Determine the deadline for implementation. Stipulate that the attorney must follow your instructions about implementing the product. In this case the attorney should be responsible for the safety of the goodsand documents for the execution of the order.
Attorney should present you with a report on the implementation of the goodsand the documentation associated with the trade. Be sure to specify that if an attorney will give the performance of its obligations to another person, liability for improper execution of instructions incurs attorney.
Add to the contract list of their obligations. You should provide the attorney with all the necessary for execution of the order documents and certificates for products. It is your responsibility to transfer agent objections on the report within the first ten days.
It is your responsibility to compensation attorney the actual costs incurred in the implementation of the product. Make a contract clause that the principal and the attorney have an obligation to protect the confidentiality of the information received from both parties.
Determine and designate in the contract the remuneration of your attorney, expressed as a percentage of the total amount of transactions which he will perform with buyers. Specify the currency in which you made payment within ten days after you receive the report.
The amount of expenses that you must pay for, usually includes the costs of transport, confirmed tickets, the cost of loading and unloading, and storage products. Some items may be specifically agreed by both parties.
If you decide later to cancel this order in whole or in part prior to the conclusion of your attorney deals with customers, it is your responsibility to pay compensation for a previously committed transaction and to reimburse the attorney for the expenses incurred up to the date of cancellation of the order.
Remember that the Treaty will enter into force upon its signing and will be valid until the fulfilment of the obligations stipulated in it. Provide force majeure.