In healthy cats appetite is excellent, the coat is shiny, nose is wet and cold (during sleep may be dry), mucous membranes pink and moist. A normal pet's temperature should not be lower than 38-39°C. in small kittens it can be higher – up to 39,6°C, the cats of breed the Sphinx up to 41.5°C.
как измерить кошке температуру
Most often, the temperature rises due to infectious diseases and cancer. At the first signs of the disease animal (digestive problems, lethargy, excessive sleepiness, increased urination or absence of urination, vomiting, discharge from the eyes or nose, fever above 40◦C and 42◦C for Sphynx) it is advisable to contact the veterinary clinic so the veterinarian has diagnosed and prescribed the right treatment.
как узнать температуру у кошек
Make sure that the temperature of the animal you are measuring correctly: take a veterinary or medical thermometer-a thermometer (it needs to be clean and disinfected), lubricate it with vaseline and, turning, carefully insert it into the rectum of the animal to a depth of 1-1. 5 centimeters and the Thermometer need to keep for at least 5 minutes, but is much simpler to use an electronic thermometer to keep that need only a few seconds.
что делать когда кошка ничего не ест
If you need extra help the animal and bring down the fever before the doctor's visit or trip to the veterinary clinic, use the means at hand. The easiest way is to wet the cat with cold water and leave to dry. For example, cover the patient fluffy wet cold gauze or a light cloth only avoid hypothermia, especially if the animal is very small in size.
как узнать у котенка температуру
Bring down the high temperature by using ice - put his animal on the neck and inner thighs. At elevated temperatures the cat should drink cool water in small SIPS.
как померять коту температуру
For otpevanie cat you can use the pharmacy regidron – dilute one sachet in one liter of water and give drink to the animal from a small syringe with a needle.
Prescribed medication you can dash to the stern, if you want to give the pill separately, wrap animal in a towel, then put your cat's head and pinch with two fingers an ear, he opens his mouth.
Insert the medicine into the mouth of the animal, close the mouth and stroke for 2-3 minutes on the neck, until he does gulp.