If you feel fear, calm down first. To measure the temperature of the cat, take an ordinary medical thermometer. Better use of electronic rectal thermometer. Can also use a digital and mercury thermometer. Do not use different test strips, infrared thermometers and stickers.
как померить температуру у собаки
Don't judge the body temperature of the cat in the humidity and the warmth of her nose. This view is mistaken. Observe your animal closely, you will discover the following: nose cats are always dry and warm during sleep. When it is very hot or the animal is nervous, the nose becomes hot. If you have an elderly cat, her nose is constantly dry and warm, because the glands begin to function poorly and do not produce the secret is to moisturize the nose.
Какая нормальная температура тела у собаки
You will be able to reliably measure the temperature only in the anus. Prepare a thermometer to do this, lubricate it with any cream. Take the diaper and wrap the cat so that she was in a relaxed position. Lift the tail and carefully, without sudden movements push the thermometer into the rectum. Gently press the thermometer to one side. Hold for 2 – 3 minutes and see the result. If you measure an electronic thermometer, hold it until you hear a beep.
как измерить кошке температуру
You can take the help of a second person, if the animal is aggressive or very nervous. Will be easier to just measure the temperature at standing pet, but can also put or put your cat. If you do it the first time, try not to worry. The cat will feel your fear, it can complicate the measuring process.
как сбить высокую температуру у кота
For cats normal temperature is considered 38,0 – 39,0 C, and high - more of 39.0 degrees. If the pet is nervous or overexcited, then its temperature can be above this standard, but should not exceed 39,5 C. After the procedure, wash the thermometer with soap solution in warm water, then wipe well with alcohol. Be sure to praise your pet for his bravery. If, however, you will not be able to measure the temperature yourself, call the vet, he will show you and explain how to do it correctly.
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