Cats in hot weather, sleeping a lot, occasionally moving from Sunny areas into the shade and Vice versa. So they regulate their body temperature, and this is normal behavior. But we need to make sure the cat didn't sleep for too long under direct sunlight on her body little thermoreceptors and probability "deputise" to heat stroke still exists. Dangerous to cats and sleep under a stream of cold air from the air conditioning or near a fan – they can get cold.
On hot days you can lay on the flat sheets and towels soaked in cold water. They slightly reduce the temperature of the air in the room, and the cat will lie down on a cool cloth, or walk on it, wetting the paws.
If the temperature in the room is too high, the cats love to NAP in a cool place – in the bath or in the sink, on the tile floor of the bathroom. So in the heat better keep the bathroom door open so the animal always has access to the coveted chill.
Cats loving water procedures in summer, sometimes alone engage in a "cool" bath, washing your face with water flowing from the tap. If your favorite is one of them – several times a day, turn on a thin stream of water, and the cat is likely to come "splash". You can also moisten the cats with cool water outside of the ears, paws, stroking the fur with wet hands – from these procedures, the animal becomes a little easier. Some cats do not object to a cool shower. But, if the cat resists it is not necessary to arrange bathing forcibly.
In hot weather it is better to feed your cat one to two times a day. The main meal should be the evening and food is easy enough. If the cat eats natural food, the beef should be replaced by rabbit or poultry. In any case, it is necessary to ensure that food remained in the bowl for long in the heat to dry the pellets quickly lose their taste and smell, as canned food can spoil in just a few hours. But access to cool fresh water, the animal should always be.
The appetite of a cat in heat is usually reduced, sometimes within one to two days she can almost eat nothing, only drink water. If other signs of diseases there is loss of interest in food is not a cause for concern.
If, despite all precautions, the cat did become poor, you need to give her first aid. Symptoms of heat stroke can be a frequent, but shallow breathing (sometimes the cats in such cases, breathing with his mouth open like a dog); the temperature above 39.5 ° C; dilated pupils and a change in color of the mucous membranes, stiffness or disorientation. Sometimes cats in this state are flat or stretched out, not reacting to the touch or voice of the owners. In this case you need to cool the animal, wrapped in a cool wet towel. Can be applied to the belly thighs or bags of ice. After that, even if the cat feel better, you need to take her to the vet and make sure that the thermal shock did not lead to pulmonary edema or brain.