If the appetite of the animal is gone, but you are sure that she is healthy (remain fun, playful and mobile), upset is not necessary. Perhaps the cat is simply tired of her daily food. In this case, different owners do things differently. Someone decides to change the diet of your favorite pussy and begin to feed it with something more attractive and someone will leave food on the plate, reasoned: "Hungry - eat". In the latter decision there is nothing cruel. The cat always knows how much food she needs, voluntarily underfed or overeating, it will not. In the first case you are running the risk to spoil your pet.
Как ты понять, что кошка беременна
If the appetite of cats went missing, you need to take her to the vet. The doctor will prescribe you the necessary tests and determine the cause of low appetite. Perhaps the reason is the disease of the gastrointestinal tract or diseased teeth. Constantly racked with pain, the animal simply can not eat. To self-medicate is not necessary! Treat the cat only after consultation with your doctor.
Как и чем кормить беременную кошку
In the pet stores sold a sufficient amount of cat vitamins, which include sea Kale, Catnip, yeast and other nutrients. These vitamins are designed especially for cats. They improve the metabolism, and, consequently, increases the appetite of the animal. Many cats love to eat specially germinated grass. It also strengthens the immune system of the animal and improves appetite. You can buy sprouted grass at the pet store or grow it yourself.
Сколько зубов у кошек
The key to a good appetite cats is a healthy stomach. To support the digestive system your cat is normal, try a couple of times a week to feed her the yolk of a raw egg. Not interfere with professional dry food for sensitive digestion, but this food should not feed the cat constantly.
если кот гадит где попало как отучить