Install the seat in the back seat of the car, because airbags are designed to protect from injury by a passenger in the front seat when the accident can harm a small child. If the seat belts provide this capability, install the seat the middle seat.
The chair should be placed against the direction of movement of the vehicle. This applies to babies up to one year. If the child will sit facing forward under heavy braking the car his fragile neck will not keep the head from inertia to tilt forward. When you reverse the location of the seat backrest and headrest of the seat will assume the arisen load and eliminate the risk of stretching the cervical vertebrae. High edge of the seat will protect the baby in a side impact. Experts recommend to practice landing against the tide as long as possible.
Fold the back of the front seat and install seat. Thread the lower part of the horizontal strap in the groove, the diagonal while circling around the chair. Pull the strap from the coil and use boot the horizontal part of the slot for fixing strap located on the other side of the chair. To fasten the strap, lift the seat vertically. Snapping it into position in the mounting strap, return the chair to its original position. Before you install the seat read the enclosed instructions to thread the belt in all the right grooves.
Make sure that the belt is buckled tight and fit to the child seat. Try to move the chair. If it moves a distance greater than 2 centimeters, reinstall it and secure it tightly. If you purchased a two-piece model of chair, you will need to fix the straps, only the base platform. The seat itself is mounted on it by means of special clamps.
Purchase a seat with an Isofix anchorages system if the body is your vehicle equipped with special brackets, clinging mounting brackets of the chair. Additional rigidity of the coupling in this case is provided by the retaining straps and a snap lock in the rear seat or in the floor of the trunk.