You will need
  • Kit for fastening the carrycot in the car.
There are four main categories of child car seats – from 0+ to 3. Cradle is an advanced type 0. It is the most convenient and safe way to transport children up to 1 year. Use the carrycot has a lot of advantages. As a rule, it is part of the stroller. You can fold the chassis and put it in the trunk of the car, and the cradle install in the cabin. Thus, you will always have a stroller.
Note that not all cradles can be installed in cars. If construction does not provide rigid fixation, carried in her child's dangerous. The carrycot, designed for installation in the cabin are one-piece, impact-resistant case. Purchase a mounting kit designed for your model. It includes carabiners, by means of which the cradle attaches to standard belts and three point belts for fastening of her child.
A cradle mounted on the rear seat of the car. Of course, you can install on the front but it should be remembered that the front passenger seat is the most dangerous. Never place the carrycot on the front seat if the car has an active airbag. When triggered, it can greatly injure the child.
Place the carrycot on the back seat against the movement of the car. Lock her pen so that she rested against the seat back. The lap strap of the seat belt throw on top in the middle of the cradle. Pass through the side guides. Fasten the belt buckle. The diagonal strap of the seat belt pass through the guide on the head part of the carrycot. Check the belt tension.
Put baby in the bassinet. So you were always confident about the safety of your baby, do not forget to fasten seat belts.