You will need
  • - travel system;
  • - a car seat with the ability to transport infants;
  • - stroller with the ability to transform into a travel system.
Take care of the safety of the child before birth, while buying the car bed or car seat to have from the hospital it was possible to go with comfort. Try to buy such a device that can "grow" with your child, adjusting to his height, weight and needs.
If you care for a newborn or a baby lying horizontally, get a car cradle or a crib. Place it in the back seat of the car, turning perpendicular to the motion, so that the baby's head was closer to the center, not to the door.
Lock the bed using the rear standard belt, following the instructions. In a cradle the baby will lie on the back that promotes better breathing and comfortable posture of sleep, but more often, the safety performance of such devices is inferior to the seats. In addition, please note that after a few months you will have to buy another chair in which the child can sit.
If you often walk with a stroller, and you're driving a car rarely pay attention to wheelchair, equipped with removable cradle and recreational unit, as well as folding chassis. Find out from the seller whether removable elements are used as car seats and armchairs, in the case of a positive answer buy such a stroller. Despite the fact that they are more expensive, you get a lot of advantages, for example, will be able to carry a child to taxi: chassis fold and place in the trunk, and cradle seat with the regular belt (the child can not even get it).
In order to be able to carry the baby for short distances, purchase a car seat carrier. It is convenient, but will serve the baby only until year. If you are more practical, buy versatile chair, suitable for babies and adult children.
Install optimal seat recline for newborns this is a 30-45⁰. If possible, expand the child's back during the movement, and the seat attach the standard straps of the car or to the special ISOFix brackets (depending on the design of the chairs).
During transport of a newborn child on the front seat backs forward, you must disable the airbag (if the kid looks forward to you need not switch off).
If the backrest angle is too shallow or steep, adjust the position of a child using a foam roller or rolled towels. Position too high will lead to the fact that the head falls on the chest and breathing will be impeded and too low is not secure enough. In addition, with rollers can additionally fix the head of the baby (they should be placed at the sides, and not to put it under the head).
When transporting a child under one year in the car to wear his special seat belts provided by the design of the car seat. Note that for the safety of the child on a trip must not exceed 1.5 hours.