All the people in the car must wear seat, children too. As spelled out in the SDA. Whether it's belts or car interior to the car seat depends on weight and height of the child.
Contrary to popular belief, according to the latest edition of the Rules of the road (2014), to transport children in any place in the car. But you should always remember that it is much safer to sit behind the driver. Instinctively in the event of any accident, the driver twists a wheel so as to divert the blow from himself. The man in the front seat next to the driver in in it may suffer stronger than all the others in the car.
If the child has reached 12 years of age or grew above 150 cm, you can put it in the front, hooking a regular belt. With this increase, the belt runs smoothly on the shoulder of the child and, if necessary, will function as intended by the creators of the car.
With the growth less than 150 sm and/or the age of 12 years you can put a child next to the driver. But it is extremely important to fasten it at the appropriate weight car seat. The rules state that the front seat should only be used a means of fixation of the child. Booster or pillow to use in the front seat cannot be.
In the back seat to transport the child, limitations in the SDA significantly less. You can put him in car seat and booster. Usually the latest you can start to use when child's weight is 18-20 kg, this usually corresponds to the age of 5-6 years. Remember that any booster at all does not protect in case of side impact. Therefore, for greater safety of your child use car seat as long as possible.
Model car seats should suit the baby growth. To determine if he grew up from your enough to see to the baby's head was above the back seat more than one-third. When the chair has internal straps, they should start above the shoulders of the child.
In any case, you can not carry the baby in the car seat, not internal buttoned straps. Itself car seat should be firmly fixed straps of the car according to the instructions.
If no internal belts (car seats for grown children), it is necessary to fix the child's regular belt, spending it through the guides in the car seat. Most of these guides highlighted with bright contrasting color.
The greatest precaution must be observed when transporting infants. Often young parents prefer to carry baby on your hands. They should not do that. The kid in the car needs to be in the car seat.
For very small child the safest position when riding in the car backwards. However, for the baby are a danger front airbags. So if you put a car seat facing next to the driver, you must disable them.