For a start about what to do in any case do not: do not transport a child in the car on his hands. You might think so the baby will feel cozy and calm, you can sleep well and feed at any time. But the safety of the child in this question most important. In the event of an accident to hold the baby in her arms would be virtually impossible, and any mother would never forgive myself if something were to happen to her child.
As an insecure means of transporting young children would be a regular bassinet from prams. If you remove the stroller wheels and put the carrycot on the back seat of the car, you can make a convenient means of travel for the child. But whether it is only at first glance. This cradle does not attach to the car seat, which means that when accidents do not place the child in need of protection. Such protection is especially necessary for the baby, because the bones and vertebrae, he still too weak for large loads upon impact.
A good way to transport babies will be a special bassinet in strollers transformers. For them there are special mounts for the seat in the vehicle, so that the cradle can be removed from the wheelchair and moved to a seat in the car. In this case the child does not need to Wake up, to shift, to fasten the straps again. He's already sleeping peacefully in his usual place. The negative side of such cradles is that they are not too tightly fixed the body of a child. In addition, any transformer is lost quality compared to a specialized device. In addition, the cradle is fastened sideways in the direction of movement of the vehicle, which is not very good impact on the movement of the baby, and in the event of a collision.
The best solution for the child's safety to purchase car seats. Category of this product in various on any weight and baby growth from 0 to 12 years. If you want to save money to buy a car seat from for growth, up to high school age. But here again arises the problem of all transformers for different purposes and ages: they are not as reliable as seat designed exclusively for infants.
Among the seats there are models designed exclusively for infants, that is, they will serve the kids, and then you won't be able to fit a baby in it. These chairs are set against the direction of movement of the vehicle for better safety of the child. They baby is lying down, the straps of the chair are fastened to the five points: shoulders, belly and between the legs. That is to swaddle the baby for transportation not need to wear a suit or overalls.
If you spend money on a means of transport that will serve so long, you do not want to purchase the chair category 0+/1. Up to 9-10 months, this car seat works like any of the categories 0+, i.e. it is set against the direction of movement, the baby can lie down or after 6 months to be in a sitting position. Then 4 years the seat of this category can be used like a normal baby, set in the direction of movement of the vehicle.