Among parents there is a widespread misconception that breast of the child should be transported only on the hands. Of course, the child feels protected, but if something goes unexpected, mom just can't keep the baby. In American hospitals, the administration may prohibit the carriage of a child without special cradles. We have the same responsibility for the safety of the child is solely the parents. Unfortunately, the sad statistics says that parents have to pay too dearly for his carelessness: if everyone used a special autorebel for kids, child mortality in accidents would be reduced by 70%.
If you think to buy baby first special cradle, and then the chair is too expensive – buy a combo seat. It can first be used lying down, reclining, placing his back to the movement, and then when the child grows up a bit, install it in the normal sitting direction. However, in no case do not take a regular chair with an expectation for growth. Until the child grows to the age for which it is intended, he will be in danger.
Transportation of the child from birth special equipment automatically eliminates the problem of habituation to the chair. Children 2-3 years old who never went to a chair, sit in it will be very problematic. In this case, you need to gradually accustom to sitting in it. Use it at home: let the child sits on it while eating, watching TV and so on.
When a child is sitting in the chair – it is important to occupy and distract. Try to choose the shortest routes, the child is not tired and began vrednichat, it is sure to buckle up yourself – it will be a very strong argument for the childnot to whine about the belts.
To teach the child to follow the rules, they do not disturb. About the belt we have already spoken. The same applies to all other rules. Exceptions should not be. If the baby is tired and zavratnica – in any case do not detach nor his, nor his seatbelt while driving. It is better to stop, get out of the car, stretch and then go on, once again strapped.
Don't let the kid stick his hand out the window. With his hand the window can be opened only by a little. Many tragic cases occurs for the reason that the baby shoots out the window first the handle and then the head.
Carry the child always in the rear seat. It is the most safe.
Do not leave your baby in a closed car one under any pretext, even if you killed the engine and opened all the Windows. The temperature in the cabin, especially in summer, is much higher than on the street. Even 5 minutes of stay of the child in the overheated area will be more than enough, that he was seized with a severe heat stroke.
Never carry child on his hands, handcuffing him a common belt. In case of a collision you just crush him with his weight.