You will need
  • - Car cradle or car seat.
To carry a newborn baby in a special car cradle, which is installed in the back seat perpendicular to the movement of the car. The cradle is fixed with the car belt. The child in the cradle is also attached fitted in the cradle with seat belts. Great advantage car cradles that the baby lies horizontally, contributing to the normal respiration of a newborn. It is not advisable to carry the baby in the cradle, which comes complete with a stroller, she's not strong enough and will not provide adequate child safety in the car.
Also carry newborn children in a special children's car seat, which attaches to the seat belts. The chair is set at an inclination of 45 degrees with the backrest during movement. The child is secured in the seat restraint straps. For additional fixing of the head to use special rollers, which are placed on two sides of the newborn baby. In any case, do not place them under the baby's head cushion or cushions, may contribute to a fall in the head, and it is fraught with damage to the vertebrae of the cervical or respiratory arrest.