To do at home preferably in a special or old worn shoes. When working out bumps legs you can use the usual sports equipment or to make do with improvised materials and objects. So, instead of "pears"? you can use an ordinary plastic bag stuffed with rags, and a barrier that will help to improve the accuracy of the strike will serve as chair.
Empty package can be used when developing complex attacks. Toss the package into the air and using different strokes let him drop, beating him, but so that he did not touch the ground. By the way, you can practice techniques impacts not only feet, but hands.
Put in the middle of the training room a chair and practice the beats, not forgetting the fact that:- the punch should begin with lifting the knee;
- after the strike is impossible to put a leg sharply to the ground;
- after the strike you need to first slightly bend the leg at the knee and only then lower it.
Do the same exercise and have "the wall". In addition, classes in "Swedish walls" will form you and an additional skill – the ability to vary the levels of strikes. Follow a few bumps in the space between the different bars of the projectile at various speeds. If you find this still difficult, do this exercise first in slow motion and then gradually increase the speed of execution. Impact height can also be increased gradually, depending on your level of fitness.
Near "the wall" you can practice and circular strikes. Some stand on the side of the wall and the same from level to level? practice the technique of circular bumps, including the bottom.
Avoid possible errors when training. Remember:- not to lose balance, always need a little bend the supporting leg at the knee;
- do not transfer the body weight on the heel;
- it is necessary to follow the hands: they must not stand idle;
- you can alternate the exercises on the driving range only with high-speed exercises, not power.