You will need
  • Stopwatch, Boxing punching bag, gloves
As you know, a strong blow is the flight speed of the fist and the applied mass. Pure physics - the second law of Newton force is directly proportional to the product of mass and acceleration.
To get your hands were quick, we need to develop endurance, speed, and also develop muscles. To develop the stamina you will help pull. Hand speed it is best to train with push-UPS. And exercise in the push-up is the best built just on speed, for example, to be wrung out 20 times per minute. This will allow you to make quick.
Then you have to learn how to perform many attacks in a short time. Although some coaches suggest to beat a punching bag with bare fists, using gloves will allow you to train harder and faster to develop a strong kick. Get 30 strokes a minute, not caring about the force of impact and then you are already closer to the goal.
The implementation of a single strong and accurate shots - the last stage of the training. For powerful impact you need to invest a lot of your own body. To do this you must shift the weight to the supporting leg (if kicking with the right hand, then right). Surface, arm, you have to push her whole body. Such a strike would be a knockout.