Kung fu with a teacher.
There are many ways to master the skills of kung fu. The easiest and effective courses. Under the supervision of a teacher you have more chances of correct actions. The trainer will show you all your mistakes and show correct movement. In addition, you will engage in a pair, be it your coach or a student, this gives an advantage to hone your skills in practice.
The most important thing is to choose the right teacher, that is not of a theoretician, and practice. Choose the master, based on his experience, military awards and merits.
Kung fu independently.
If you decided to master kung fu yourself, it is important to choose the right material. Now the Internet posted a large assortment of free materials on this topic. Download tutorials, pre-reading reviews about them on the discussion forums.
After reading the theory, do some practice. Stock up videos and start to work out practical exercises. Do not try difficult tricks. Gradually move from simple to complex.
Keep myself in good shape. Hang the house pear and fulfills blows by feet and hands, imagining that you hit the attacker.
Engage in yoga or tai Chi to develop flexibility and be able to Dodge the blows.
Record your sessions and watch to do the job on the bugs. Ask a friend to study this art with you to the mastering process took place efficiently.