Building the strength of the kick start with the development of proper technique. Than economical and thoughtful at the trajectory takes the kick, the more power you will be able to invest in it. Proper technique is acquired not in one session. Professional athletes sharpen their technical skills continually, from year to year. How to test the effectiveness of the technology? Performing the strike with the same force, but with different trajectories, see how far away the ball or how badly rocked after hitting the bag. Include in the shot the whole body, not just the legsI. the Technique to master under normal conditions, without the use of weights and additionallegson the resistance of the projectile.
In the second stage, increase the speed of impact. According to the laws of physics the force of impact equals mass multiplied by acceleration. Excessive increase in weight makes the athlete less agile. When a large mass may be reduced and the sharpness of the blow, so the speed should be developed along with power abilities. Speed of impact can be increased by mfeetocratfeeton the repetition odthe legson and the same motion with maximum acceleration. To achieve a good sharpness of the shot is important skill in a timely manner to strain and relax the muscles, so it is useful to perform exercises for relaxation.
Power strike gives the weight gain and the development of physical performance of the athlete. For the development of speed-power qualities kick feetAMI with attached cargo weight from 0, 5 to 3 kg. weight of the load is selected so as not to impact not broken motion technique. To develop strength and increase body weight train with weights at the gym. Do squats, lunges, and presses the legsof AMI. The weight of the weights increase gradually. Don't forget about training the back muscles and the press, as they too are involved when applying the shock. Full eat.