When calculating the number of vacation days you should know that public holidays in the leave are not included and are not paid. For the calculation use the average number of calendar days for each month worked. Seniority for the calculation include all days, but only days of actual stay at work, weekends and public holidays and absence at work for a good cause.
When the annual paid leave of 28 days the number of vacation days for each completed month is calculated as follows: months 28/12=2.33 days. Next you need to count the number of months worked in a year, and then this number is multiplied by 2.33 day. The resulting figure will be the duration of your vacation. Remember that the Fes allow for rounding the numbers in a big way, but not in the smaller.
Length of service for calculation of paid annual leave must be deducted the following days: absence from work without acceptable reason, the number of days of unpaid leave and leave to care for a child.
In the case when the employee was absent from work for the above reasons, it is necessary to count vacation time as follows: first, determine the average number of days worked in the month. To do this, take the average number of calendar days in the month, namely 29,4 divide by the total number of days in that period. Then the resulting figure and multiply by the number of working calendar days. For example, the employee did in June for 15 days. Thus, 29,4/30*15=14,7 (average number of days worked in June).
Then of 2.33 29.4 divide and multiply by the average number of days worked in the month. For example, 2,33/29,4*14,7=1,2 (the number of days of the statutory holiday for June).