You will need
  • - a drill bit;
  • - wire;
  • - master key;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - the clip.
If the door is installed mortise lock with a cylinder cross-head mechanism drill over the key hole a small hole. With a pick, lift the stopper and slide the hook of the bolt.
Provided that in door with mortise lockwith pin cylinder mechanism, make a small hole in the cylinder, insert the wire and turning at this time a master key cylinder, open the door.
In that case, if the built-in door lock has a pull tab with a screwdriver or other hard object, the thickness of which allows you to stick it in the hole between the door leaf and frame, try to press "tab". Then, holding the tongue, rotate the door handle and the door opens. To open this kind of built-in locks can be used by even a plastic card.
Provided that you would have to open a wooden door with a built-in lever lock, perform the following sequence of actions: to the fullest extent possible, pull the door leaf from the box and using a paperclip or similar improvised tool, move the levers.
If the door includes a built-in lock in the latch with a screwdriver or other improvised tools to loosen the screws that secure the handle, and remove it. Then remove the metal panel that covers the locking mechanism and the existing assistant with a sharp object find the latch. Push down on the latch and while holding down, turn the door handle.