Meet cylinder mechanism of secrecy, made in the form of a cylinder, droplets, circle, or triangle. Great popularity on the market was won by a cylinder mechanism of the European type. This cylinder mechanism is executed in brass profile. The size is clearly defined. It is performed according to European standard. Under this dimension the manufacturer of the lock case. Cylinder locks can be divided according to the method of installation, rim and mortise. Mortise lock is mounted inside the door leaf, and a patch lock installed on the door leaf itself.
There is a way to unlock cylinder locks with a turning handle. It can be used to lock almost any manufacturer, despite the fact, Chinese or European castle. This method should be used only in the case if you lost the key and cannot open the door of his house.
So, let us turn to the description of the method. If the key is not inserted in the cylinder, precalcination will be slightly offset to the cylinder. Castle in this case it is possible to open and close twist handle. When you insert the key, this spout will produce a displacement of precalculates, thereby will lock the knob. In this case, the lock can be opened only when you turn the key and, assuming that the key was dialing the right combination. To open such lock without the key, you need to make an impact on a leash cylinder mechanism. Gently rotate it, while not affecting precalcinator. Upon rotation of the leash, the lock should open. Most locks you can open with a bent hook steel wire that has a diameter equal to 0.8 millimeters. This wire doing almost all the lever springs. So to find her is not difficult.