You will need
  • - hammer
  • - pliers,
  • - a flathead screwdriver.
Take the hammer. Using the pointed side of the tool, apply several blows to the lock cylinder. "Larvae" are made of brass. It is a soft metal, which can not withstand strong mechanical impact, therefore, under the impact of the hammer it will burst.
Using pliers, remove the lock piece of the cylinder that broke off from the impact hammer.
In the resulting hole insert a flat-bladed screwdriver.
Use a screwdriver as a lever in the direction of finger movement.
Move the mechanism, which is located at the top of the hole and open the lock.
If the lock could not open, contact the experts. Their Arsenal is much more than the usual locksmith set. In addition, if you live on the upper floors, your apartment will be able to open without breaking the door, once inside through a window or balcony. In any case, the experts will be able to identify the features of the castle and determine the easiest way to open it, as you can only "remove" all items, before they reached the main closing element.
If the key is still there, but the door or the lock can not be, the reason may be misalignment of the door leaf, breaking directly larvae, etc. In this case it is necessary to understand exactly what happened, only then you should take steps to door opening.
Broken lock will have to cut or remove - depending on its type.
If you can't open a door that has warped, you call on the help of neighbors, with whom you will be able to lift the door leaf.