You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - needle;
  • knife;
  • pencil;
  • - a plastic card.
If the lock on the door is equipped with a simple "tongue , use a thin, flat and solid object to hold them along the castle. It is easiest to use for this purpose a plastic card or knife. The card acts on the lock mechanism and gently push the reed . You will only have to turn the doorknob and open the door.
If the door lock is equipped with a mechanism in the form of a latch, try to crank the handle. If the lock does not respond, but the door does not open, remove the screws on the handle and remove the lock from the door. In the absence of the screwdriver to use improvised tools (knife, nail file, etc.). Dismantle the pen, find a thin, pointed object (e.g. pencil) snap on mechanism. Pressing down on the mechanism, at the same time turn the door handle to the unlocked position .
If you slammed a door, and the key was on the back side in the keyhole, stock up on a sheet of paper or newspaper. Put a sheet of paper in the gap between the floor and the bottom cut of the door. Now, using a thin, sharp object such as a knitting needle, try gently knock the key inside the room, he fell to put a sheet of paper. Fallen key pull on the sheet to yourself and open the door key.
In some cases, interior doors are equipped with handle with integrated latch in the form of keys on a decorative plate from the inner side of the door. If the door is closed, press this key, the door is locked outside of her turn not to open. Sometimes it happens that the door slams shut when key pressed when inside the room is unoccupied. In this case, you need to find on the external side under the door handle small hole and inserting a thin nail or needle, and then click on them. The nail will return the key to its original position, the door is open.