You will need
  • - paper clip;
  • - hammer;
  • - a plastic card;
  • - a pocket knife;
  • - the screw;
  • - claw hammer;
  • - drill with a drill of 3 mm;
  • - probe with magnet.
Straighten a paperclip, turning it into a straight. Then with a hammer give a little tip of wire and bend it at a right angle. Carefully insert your hands the makeshift lock pick into the keyhole and turn transactions, although perhaps not on the first attempt, but the lock will open. This method of opening the door lock will fit in the case if the door set cylinder lock with rotary handle.
Check out the wallet - if it has a plastic card, then you are saved. Insert the card into the gap between the door leaf and the frame (this way open the door lock will fit in the case, if there is no door trims, covering the opening between the leaf and door frame). Make sure that the angle between the plastic card and the castle was ninety degrees. Press the card to the door handle and continue to perform the movement: change direction, swipe card on the lock pawl.
If you have installed the Chinese door, then use a penknife. Sink the knife in the door - it will be very easy. Cut the lock, pull it out and open the door.
Insert key hole screw, and prying with a claw hammer in a hat, pull out the core of the door lock.
In the parting line of the cylinder and the cylindrical body of the mechanism to drill in the bronenakladki the slot for the key. The drill bit must go down to get support: it is much easier to drill. Drill to the contact with the first pair of pins. Then on the first pin with three-millimeter cutters make the arch that will allow the code to pin to rise. Reference lock remove using a probe with a magnet. And then drill out the lock to the end.