You will need
  • - mount;
  • - scrap;
  • phone;
  • - mechanic;
  • - specialist.
If you have a regular door, Unscrew the handle, take the lock and thus enter the apartment or house.
Break the door with a crowbar, crowbar or special tool. In the doorframe there is a place where you can catch the scrap and press it. Resulting in deformation of the beams, and the door opens.
Call the person with the skills of cracking the door. It can be a neighbor on the porch (home) or mechanic housing management. But here you have to keep in mind that the housing Department you can refuse, even though it is their direct responsibility. As a result of hacking damaged the door and mechanics are afraid of claims from the owners of the apartment.
Try to get inside the house (apartment), if your accommodation is located low above the ground and you closed the window. Once you get to the room can open the door from the inside.
Call in a service specializing in opening locked doors. In recent years a growing number of such organizations. And most importantly, they can open the door without causing damage using the latest equipment. Outline the situation with the greatest possible detail. As soon as the master will come in place, provide him with evidence that the apartment belongs to you. This may be the passport with a residence permit, the availability of witnesses and the like.