You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - string;
  • fishing line;
  • pencil;
  • - a hammer.
To open the bolt lock without native key really, you don't have to call the locksmith to resort to drastic measures – scrap or grinder. Device lock transom type very simple, they consist of girders – single or multiple. Therefore, opening the lock without a key, you need to try to "catch" the locking bolt. The first step is to "squeeze" the door with a screwdriver, it is necessary to insert into the gap between the door leaf and the jamb, then open the bolt will not return to the place due to the tension.
Of fishing line or string, for example, guitar, we need to form a loop. Easy to open latch locks that have a handle on both sides. The loop should stick through the keyhole, wrap it around the handle and pull, simulating the movement of the latch key.
Transom locks, regardless of the number of locking elements, are of similar design, so they are so easy to open without keys. However, you can use fishing line or string to deal only with a reverse transom with locking devices. If the design of the video, you should use a pencil or stick of soft wood. First, the pencil should be gently inserted into the hole, that is, to use it instead of the key.
Pencil need a whack with a hammer to make sure that he entered into a groove. Ideally, if the stick or pencil made from soft wood – Linden, walnut and other, then the teeth of the crossbars will definitely be imprinted in the material and the lock will open itself. The operating device will make the necessary grooves on the tree. If the wood is hard, you can pre-soak a pencil or a stick in the water.