Enemies can very rarely help in opening doors. Only in espionage and adventure films is the door easy to influence ladies ' hairpins, hair clips or pins. Unfortunately, the use of such items is only able to damage the lock and make it difficult for the wizard, which will still have to seek help.
If the key obviously is in the locked apartment or design of the lock allows to open it without the key inside, you can try to sneak into your home through the balcony door from the neighbour's apartment. Keep in mind that these stunts are not always appropriate and professionally can only be done by members of the rescue service.
In most cases, you should seek the assistance of an experienced locksmith. Master, which is a special tool, usually for a short time will help reveal not too complicated door lock, which will be after this intervention to be replaced.
If the door is old, it can just be removed from its hinges or knock from the door frame. In a pinch, a piece of door with a lock can be cut with a grinder or knock the lock with a crowbar.
High-quality and expensive door breaking is not worth it. In this situation, need a lock pick set that features a master repairman. The process of opening the lock in this case will be similar to the performance of a professional room thief. The only difference is that the skill of opening the lock used for good.