You will need
  • diet:
  • - training;
  • - beauty treatments.
Change your diet, because it affects a significant part of the success. It is not necessary to go on a strict diet, on the contrary, your meals should be sufficient, but in this case there is a fractional (5-6 times a day) and small portions. Such a regime will not only help to get rid of extra pounds, but also gradually reduce the volume of the stomach. Exclude all products that hold liquid: salty food, dairy, and simple carbohydrates. This drink at least 2 litres of water a day, not to provoke the appearance of edema. Try to make sure that each main meal has been included protein. Complex carbohydrates and healthy fats eat up to 16 hours, and for dinner protein foods and greens.
Do some cardio as they will help you to remove belly fat in a very short time. This could be walking, running, stationary bike, ellipse, or the stepper. A lesson can last from 30 to 60 minutes. All this time you have to work in your personal girlsgogames the pulse. The first changes you'll see in 10 days, but much earlier. The result was a tangible exercise on an empty stomach, first meal of make not earlier than 40-50 minutes. Before school starts make sure you have no problems with the heart. A similar regime should not apply: it works only as a short-term emergency measure.
Do the exercises that narrow the waist and make the stomach flat. To reach its goal in 10 days, you should not start strength training with weights. Give preference to a combination of respiratory and static loads. Quickly clean the volume of such popular systems as Pilates, bodyflex or occisis. The technique they perform different, but equally effective.
To make the waist thinner and the belly is flat in only 10 days you will help salon treatment. Among them are lymphatic drainage massage, infrared sauna, LPG. Mechanisms of action of these various treatments, however the effect is quite obvious: from problem areas of excess fluid, leaving swelling, and accelerates the breakdown of fats. Don't forget that salon methods will be much more effective dieting and regular exercise.