You will need
  • - the low-carb diet;
  • - a pair of running shoes;
  • gymnastic Mat;
  • - medicine balls;
  • - dumbbell.
Do not try to drastically limit the number of calories consumed. Especially doing it at the expense of protein. Protein is needed to build muscle fibers. What muscles are responsible for the metabolic rate. The more muscle, the faster metabolism, the less fat your body lays in reserve.
Increase physical activity. If you've never exercised, start with Jogging at an average pace. The run should last no less than forty minutes. It is that time necessary for the organism involved, the processes responsible for fat burning. Run at least three times a week.
Be sure to give your body rest for 48 hours, that is, do not run daily.
Gradually add Jogging a steady pace interval training. This means that the relaxed Jogging should alternate with short accelerations, during which you run with the maximum possible speed for you. Restore breathing after these steps during a relaxed run. Don't stop to catch my breath, it is better to slightly slow down.
When aerobic exercise will start the process of weight loss, begin to engage in power exercises. This way, your muscles will be tightened, will earn at full capacity and will further accelerate the melting of fat deposits.
Lie down on a gym Mat and raise your legs, knees bent at a right angle. The shins are parallel to the floor. Right over the chest, hands with dumbbells, palms facing each other, elbows relax. Pull your stomach and press your lower back to the floor.
Inhale, bring straight arms behind head and legs straighten. The angle between the straight legs and the floor should be equal to 45 degrees. Exhale and return to starting position.
Perform 8-10 repetitions.
Stay lying on the Mat. With your legs raised and bent at the knees. Hands behind head, elbows divorced in hand. Lift your head and shoulder blades off the floor. Simultaneously extend left leg and bring your left shoulder to your right knee. Not returning to the starting position, change leg, reach your right shoulder toward your left knee. Do 8-10 repetitions for each side and then return to starting position.
Pick up the medicine balls. Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart.
Straighten your arms with the medicine balls overhead, the scapula together, pull your stomach. Lean right, then left. Try to keep hips remained motionless. Return to starting position. Slowly lower the medicine balls to the chest and lean forward, rounding the back. Hold this position for two seconds and return to starting position. Perform 8-10 repetitions.