You will need
  • Patience and perseverance.
To remove the fat fold of the waist, you need to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen. Usually all the exercises are done in lying position.
1. Lying on back, hold a pillow or book between the feet. Hands bend at the elbows and put it under his head. Pull the legs to the stomach, bending the knees, like riding a bike.
2. Lie on your back. Hands hold books over head and move the body from a prone position, a sitting position. Lean, yet will not affect the books of the toes.
3. Sit on the floor and slightly bend your knees; keep your hands outstretched in front of him. From a sitting position move forward using only the muscles of the buttocks, without lifting your heels off the floor.
4. Starting position – lying down. Legs slightly bend at the knees and slightly apart. Put your hands behind your head and slowly move from the prone position into a sitting position.
5. Lying on your back, hold between the feet book. Hands spread to the sides. Leg lift and pull to the side as long as the book will not affect the fingers, first the left and then the right hand.
6. Lie on your back, hands along a trunk. Both feet in the air write numbers from one to nine.
All exercise is better to do five times in three sets. To enhance the effect, you can use a warming belt or cellophane wrap. Then the result you achieve faster.
Daily exercise will help to remove the fatty fold from the abdominal. Most importantly, do not stop doing.