Before you try to lose weight without diet to remove belly fat, you must consider this goal. You need a specific time frame in which you will be able to achieve it. For example, if you have a little extra weight, decide that he would, for example, for a month. If the belly and flanks are quite strong, it is necessary to pay not less than 2-3 months to achieve the desired result. Be sure to tune in, close your eyes and imagine your figure at the moment when a goal is completed. You have to want it for real. Only in this case you won't be able to stop along the way, however complicated it was.
Intensive exercise is the main way to remove the stomach and hips for a short time and lose weight at the sides. You can start with simple and not-too-long morning jog. Morning body is full of energy and ready to burn calories and pounds. It is also useful to start each morning with a charge in the form of try, deep body bends in different directions, turns the torso in place and swings hands. These small steps can already lead to extra pounds ceased to be the waist.
The basic exercises that help to lose weight without diet to remove belly fat are those which are forced to strain the abdominal muscles. Take a supine position. Hand fold lock behind the head or push to the chest, and the legs bend at the knees and make sure the feet are firmly pressed to the floor. Lift the body, trying to touch by a breast knees, and slowly return to starting position. If it is difficult to keep feet still, you can put them, for example, under the couch or other suitable object, or ask someone to hold them while you do the exercise.
Try to keep the load on the press. This will help to remove the stomach and hips for a short period of time. During lifting of the body from a position on the back do the twisting – the body turns left and right alternately. The number of repetitions must be at least 20-30 in one go. A number of approaches will depend on your stamina. They should gradually increase with each passing day to better muscles responded to weights and cardio load.
Other basic exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, rises straight or slightly bent legs up from the same position on the back. Keep your hands behind your head or press them to the sides. Do not forget to complement this exercise twists. If at home or in the gym, where you are, there is a wall bars or horizontal bar, you can lift your feet, hanging by the hands on the bar and trying not to sway the body.
Finally, be sure to refrain at least temporarily from fatty and sugary foods in favor of more fruits, vegetables, grains and protein-rich foods – white meat chicken, fish, beef, legumes, etc. it is Also important to eat right during the day. Better to divide the meals into multiple meals so that they were short-lived and followed one another every 2-3 hours. Do not overeat and ensure that the last meal was up to 18 hours.