Let's start with cleansing. Want to remove belly fat – cleanse your intestines. How? Yes, usually with the help of an enema. It enema to cleanse your bowel, lead slag, and therefore, the body itself begins to drop the volume of the stomach. Enema needed, to about half to two liters plus a teaspoon of salt. 7-8 these procedures for two weeks – and you will be amazed by the effectiveness of this method.
Now you can take and keep power. Limit in your diet all sweets, flour and fat. The main thing – to eat before bed. Don't forget to drink plenty of liquids – water exchange in the body when losing weight needs to be active.
We can not do without exercise. Of course, this is a well known exercise on the abdominal muscles. It is especially useful to do this exercise before going to bed. But remember that only regular practice will make your stomach flat and fit. So every night, despite the fatigue and laziness, and we do twenty exercises at least.
Do not forget about such useful exercises, as a "Bicycle". It is known to us all from physical education and still remains one of the most effective ways of gaining a flat stomach and slim waist. When you perform this exercise work all muscles of a press, including hard-to-reach.
Torsion of the Hoop will also bring a lot of benefits - it warms waist muscles, strengthens blood circulation and metabolism.
Very effective and simple way to adjust the stomach is to develop the habit of retracting it into itself. But don't do it sharply, and those around have noticed!
Well, liposuction is the lot of the lazy and the extreme method. But we're not going to resort to surgical intervention in our precious body. Remember that liposuction can be harmful for your body. Following these simple tips and performing them in the complex, in the summer on the beach you will surprise all your lovely figure.