You will need
  • Observation
  • A penchant for poetry
To read the rap, you need to be able to let go of my identity. By and large these rhymes – a complete improvisation, so I just start talking and develop their thoughts aloud. No matter what you say, as long as the words rushed forward.
Once you get used non-stop to develop thinking out loud, try to do it more poetically. Use metaphors to compare things and rhyme of the line.
Rap can learn to read only under the condition of continuous improvement. Train while going somewhere or working. Let rap accompanies all your actions and share your thoughts and deeds. If you think that you have got a very good rhyme or idea in me, then write it down. And start to save such phrases and couplets.
Write your REP. Rap is improvisation, but sometimes for best results, you should try to write the text in advance, perfecting a rhyme and meaning. Later, the perfect words will come to you by themselves.
Participate in a rap battle. This is the best way to practice reading turnips, to understand, what level are you, and what you learned.