Cash of perevodchitsy to transfer money to another city in Sberbank, go to the nearest Bank branch. Show the operator the document proving the identity (passport). Name of the beneficiary details (Bank name, INN, KPP, current account, personal account and so on). Select the method of listing: without opening an account (cash) or from your account on the contribution. Deposit funds, pick up the document, confirming the transaction. For the transfer services banks charge a Commission. The amount of Commission may vary in different banks, specify this information among employees. The translation is done in a few days, it can be paid in cash or credited to his account in the savings BankE.
Blitz periods departure of Blitz-translation, please contact any branch of Sberbankand, with a passport. Name surname, name and patronymic of the recipient, as well as series and number of his passport. Make money, take the documents confirming the transfer and containing the identification number (code). Contact the beneficiary and name a code that he would need to report when receiving money in his citye in any branch of Sberbank. The speed of the transfer is one hour, the Commission depends on the transfer amount, the maximum amount of transfer per day is five hundred thousand rubles.
Translation will cartoonstitute to the Bank, hand the teller in the service Department of Bank card identity document (passport), report the card number, which should be earned cash. Make the required amount, take the check. The Commission for transfer of funds to the card will not be charged, on average, the rate of enrollment is 24 hours.
Internet bankingsystem to transfer from one plastic card Sberbankand the other card (or to the beneficiary's account) you may own through the self-service machine or from a personal account on the website of Sberbankand if you have activated the service "Sberbank Onl@yn". Select the operation "Transfer to card" ("account"), enter the card number, which should be a withdrawal of funds. Enter the card number, which will be credited money, enter the amount, confirm the transaction.