The largest part of remittances in our country is carried out through the Mail of Russia. There is a system of money transfers "cyber money", through which funds get to the recipient within three days. The popularity of translations via e-Mail due to the fact that it has a huge branch network, even in the most remote parts of our country have post offices. In addition, the Post of Russia provides additional services, such as sending a short message with the transfer, notify the recipient about came him the money transfer delivery to the house.
The transfer fee is from 1% to 5% depending on the transfer amount, the higher it is, the lower the cost of shipment. The maximum amount that can be transferred via "cyber money" - 500 000 rubles. This system allows you to transfer money also to the CIS and Baltic countries.
The second popular method of money transfer Bank. The leading position here belongs to the savings Bank because its branch network is also quite developed. So, the transfer from one compartment to another, the client will cost 1,5% from the transferred amount. This translation does not apply to urgent and comes to the destination during the day. "Blitz-translation" allows to transfer money in 24 hours. The Commission will be 1.75 %, but not less than 100 roubles and no more than 2000. Sberbank also provides services for the transfer of funds to the countries of the near abroad. The Commission in this case will depend on the remoteness of a country.
In addition, there are special system through which you can transfer money anywhere in the world. This, for example, Western Union and MoneyGRAM. Intermediaries are banks. Usually the translation is sent via this system, comes to the recipient within a few hours or even minutes. The disadvantage of these systems is a big Commission. She is 300 rubles and above depending on the transfer amount. Similar to the Western system of the Russian Unistream, Contact have lower rates, however, do not work with all countries. Usually they are limited to the countries near abroad and the CIS.
Another way to transfer funds from one city to another – through the Internet, using the system of electronic money e.g. WebMoney, Yandex.Money. However, this method is too expensive because a Commission has to pay twice for the Deposit and withdrawal of money. Such transfers are more suitable to those who receive and spend money online.