For those who do not have the ability to transfer money to Sberbank card via the Internet, the most convenient option is perhaps, their translation in cash through the cashier-operator of the savings Bank. For this you need to visit a branch of Sberbank, absolutely anyone in any city with a passport. Of course, you must know either the number or details of the card you are going to make a transfer. But this, at first glance, a simple method has disadvantages. The Commission in this money transfer will be higher than when transferring via the terminal or the savings Bank.Online, and queue – occupation rather tedious.
Transfer money to card of Sberbank available through the terminal. To do this, in the terminal, select the "Payments and transfers", then in the appropriate box you need to enter the card number for which you want to transfer cash, then inserted into the bill acceptor of the bill and the transfer confirmed. Cash this way to translate is easy, but the terminal receiving money is much less than ATM. If you need to transfer large sums, this option also will not be the most convenient.
You can transfer money to the card of the savings Bank from another card. This is useful because it implies several possibilities: having a card (not just Bank), you can throw the money via ATM or a terminal (again, not only of the savings Bank and any other), Mobile banking or Internet (online Bank).
Transfer money from card to card, using the payment terminal or ATM, so: first into the card slot inserting the card, then typed in her pin code, then go to the "Payments and transfers". There already specify the card number, which will credit the money in the appropriate box, specify the amount. Then confirm the transfer.
The most cost-effective way to transfer money from card to card is to use system Sberbank.Online. Of course, first they need to register and get a user ID with a password (or multiple passwords). With them, you sign in to your personal account, find the section "Payment" and if the card number, select, then specify the card number or the account of the payee and the amount you wish to transfer.
With the help of Mobile Bank can also transfer money from card to card. But this service must be connected and it needs to be linked to your card (or multiple cards). You need to send to number 900 SMS message: PEREVOD (or TRANSLATION), the last 4 digits of your card, last 4 digits of the recipient card converted amount. But to have such an opportunity, create a template of the transfer in the savings Bank Online or at a teller or ATM. Will significantly simplify the translation the presence of the host Cell Bank. Then there is no need to create a template, and the 900 number send this SMS: PEREVOD (or TRANSLATION), phone card recipient without the 8, amount.
Transfer money to card of Sberbank it is possible with electronic payment systems. More recently, this method was not popular, but with the development of Internet Commerce it became quite popular. The most commonly used system Yandex-money, WebMoney and QIWI.