If you want to transfer money from one account to another in same Bank and same city, the fee for such an operation will not take. In order to transfer or use the card or take cash. To do everything you can with special terminals. To do this, download the map, enter the 20-digit account number or 16-digit card number, enter the amount to be debited and confirm the transaction. The transition was done.
The same goes for sending cash. Only instead of cards you will need to download ATM the required amount of bills. The Commission will not be taken.
Transfer money without a fee you can use the online wallet Qiwi. To issue translations is quite simple, you only need to know the mobile number of the recipient. It does not matter, was the person in the system or not. Download money or through the Internet in the system Qiwi Wallet, either through the payment terminal Qiwi. Dial the number of the recipient, enter the amount you wish to send and confirm your transfer. Money can be attributed either Bank card or make cash sending. For the second option, download the notes in the terminal. The money will immediately be redirected to the specified number. The recipient will immediately receive an SMS notification. If it's not registered, will have to go through this procedure and you can get the money.
To transfer without fees you can use a special universal card "Svyaznoy Bank". Your recipient needs to open it in branch. The cost of maintaining it will cost him 600 rubles a year. This amount is much lower than that which you spend on commissions when you transfer. The only condition is: no fees with this card you can only withdraw the sum from 1000 RUB.
The scheme of transfer is quite simple. You just put the required amount into the number of this card in any branch of "Liaison". The payment takes place instantly. Your recipient will be just to withdraw money. When making a transfer please remember that if you are sending the sum to 15,000 rubles., that any supporting documents from your side is not necessary. If the translation more, then show the staff your passport.
There is another option to transfer money. You can put the required amount on the mobile phone of your recipient. Today, the service almost everywhere is without a fee. The target subscriber remains only to come to the office to your cellular company and write a statement renouncing their services and termination of the service agreement. Money loaded to the account will be returned to you. The only payment that still have to be done in connection with this transaction, is a payment services connection. But it is about 100 p.