Advice 1: How to make money transfer

Each person periodically has to make money translations. Most people traditionally send money through the savings Bank or mail. But in addition, you can send money through system of money transfers, which allow you to send money in Russia and abroad.
How to make money transfer
Transfer money through Sberbank can be done in several ways:
a. Remittances from the account on the Deposit

Are made by transferring funds from your account in the savings Bank on the Deposit to the Bank account of the recipient. Possible remittances on account of the savings Bank or another Bank. In addition, the transfer may be paid to the recipient in cash at any branch of Sberbank. Cash payments are made only in rubles, foreign currency translation is possible only if the transfer from account to account.
b. Money transfers without opening an account

You will need to be paid to the cashier of the savings Bank the cash that the Bank may credit the beneficiary's Bank account or issue cash in any branch of Sberbank in place. This type of transfer is possible only in rubles.
C. remittances "the Blitz"

A system of urgent remittances between offices of the savings Bank. The transfer of funds is not more than 1 hour. The possible money transfers through Russia and between the Russian savings Bank branches and branches of its subsidiary banks in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. Blitz transfer to Russia can only be sent in rubles, in other countries in addition to rubles it is also possible to send dollars and euros. In implementing the blitz translation inform the employee of Bank your full name and passport data of the recipient. The Bank employee will tell the control number of the payment that you will need to inform the recipient of the funds. The possibility of a return to the blitz translation at any point before requesting it by the recipient.
d. International money transfers

Can be made by cash Deposit or by debiting funds from your account on Deposit in the savings Bank. The transfer of money abroad is possible in rubles, dollars and euros. Sberbank carries out international transfers only in certain non-resident banks, with which it signed a special agreement.
Every post office of Russia to provide money transfer service "Cyber Money". Possible not only transfers between post offices of Russia, but also transfers in the post office in some foreign countries.
Money transfers to Russia in the amount of up to 100 thousand rubles are delivered within 3 working days, in excess of 100 thousand rbl. – not later than 5 working days. All international money transfers through the Cyber Money are processed within 2 days.
Transfers are accepted in cash or by crediting to the account of Mail of Russia. The recipient of the transfer is paid in cash, but it is also possible to transfer funds to his Bank account, if the transfer was made in cash.
To transfer employee mail, please send us your full name and postal address of the recipient.
Money transfer systems quite a lot, the most famous of them - money transfers Contact, money transfers Western Union money transfers "Unistream" money transfers Blizko money transfers UNISTREAM and others.
Possible transfers both in Russia and abroad. Some money transfer systems only work with the 'near abroad', some translations literally on any continent.
The separation of the various money transfer systems is usually found in any commercial Bank. Conditions and tariffs for services are different, you can choose among them the most suitable. All information can be found on the official websites of money transfer systems.
Keep in mind that usually when you send money through system of remittances should tell you the verification code of payment, which will need to inform the recipient of the funds.

Advice 2 : How to transfer money to my plastic card

To pay for goods and services plastic card is sometimes more convenient than cash. For transactions on the account must have a positive balance. To transfer money to their (or someone else) a plastic card simply.
How to transfer money to my plastic card
Via Bank branch
Please contact the nearest branch of the Bank Department dealing with Bank cards, present to the operator the document proving the identity (passport), name your card number, make the necessary amount of money, take the document confirming the transaction. If you do not know the numbers of their credit card (if you ordered it, but the card is still not ready), transfer the money to your personal account. Details for transfer of money shall be indicated in the printout of the Bank, which is issued when completing an application for the issue of a plastic card. The account number is also recorded in the application, a copy of which you should get.
Self-service devices
Make sure you have selected the self-catering unit supports a function of reception of cash. Depending on the type of device the steps for depositing the funds on a plastic card may differ. Insert the card into the self-service machine, select the option "Deposit cash" or "Deposit account" and follow the instructions, do the required amount, take the check. To transfer money from one card to another, the presence of the acceptor are not required to do this, use a simple ATM.
Internet banking
If you want to replenish the card account from your Bank Deposit account or a different credit card, log in to your account on the your Bank website, select the operation "Transfer to card". Enter the card number with which the money deducted (or the account number for the Deposit), enter the card number, which they should be credited, enter the amount transferred. Confirm the operation. Listing of money on your plastic card is also possible with the e-wallet. Choose the operation "withdraw funds". Follow the steps on the official website of the payment system, which is your online wallet. Remember that some services charge a fee for such transactions.
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