Advice 1: How to transfer money via the Mobile Bank" of Sberbank

If you are a customer of the savings Bank and have his card, activating the service "Mobile banking", you can easily send money to your relatives, friends, and complete strangers.
How to transfer money via the Mobile Bank" of Sberbank

In order to transfer money via Mobile Bank from one card to another, you want to send to the room of the savings Bank 900 SMS message. In the first post I write the word "TRANSFER", then after a space specify the phone number of the recipient of the ten digits, then another space specify the amount you wish to transfer. Amount should be indicated only in rubles and kopecks without.

The command "TRANSFER" can be replaced by "PEREVOD", "PEREVESTI" or "TRANSLATE".

The payee must also be connected to the service "Mobile Bank".

Transfer money through Mobile banking, if you to this service connected multiple cards of Sberbank it is possible in this way: after the command "TRANSFER" to specify four (4) last digits of the card number with which you wish to make sending money.

If you do not specify a card (which is, in principle, not required), then the funds will be debited from the card on which they are.

In response to your TEXT message, the savings Bank will send the transaction details and the confirmation code. Do not ignore the test details – first name, middle name and the first letter of the surname of the recipient, sent amount. If it so happens that the data are incorrect, the savings Bank will not return your money.

The verification code consists of mandatory permanent a "#" character and five digits. You should post this to a 900 number in order for the translation was executed.

To transfer money via Mobile banking is impossible under the following circumstances:

  • it is impossible to transfer money to your own phone,
  • it is impossible to transfer money from the virtual Bank card, credit or corporate
  • impossible transfers between currency cards,
  • it is impossible to transfer currency, the transfer with this card will be recalculated in rubles at the exchange rate of the savings Bank.

Unfortunately, to transfer money via Mobile banking is only possible with restrictions, the limit for the recipient and for the sender does not exceed 8000 rubles. In day it is possible to make not more than ten operations.

Advice 2 : How to transfer money from card to card via mobile Bank of Sberbank

Currently, there is often a need to quickly send money to a relative, friend or employee. You can easily transfer money from one card to another via mobile Bank Sberbank, connecting and configuring the service.
Learn how to transfer money from card to card via mobile Bank of Sberbank
Connect the mobile Bank of the savings Bank, to be able to transfer money from card to card. Usually the service is activated by the staff of a Bank branch at the conclusion of the contract on card issuance with the client. Otherwise, you can apply for this at your nearest branch and fill the application form of mobile banking or call the toll free number 8800-555-5550 and request about this operator, after a short procedure of identification. Also to subscribe to the service through ATMs or terminals of Sberbank.
If you have successfully connected the service to transfer money from card to card via mobile banking Sberbank is possible by sending a special message to the number 900. In the message body without the quotation marks, enter the word "TRANSFER", then a space - the mobile phone number of the recipient (without "eight") and a space – the amount of transfer in rubles (per day you can send up to 8000 rubles). Confirm the transfer by replying to the received automatic communication of the savings Bank and sending in the SMS verification code. Immediately after receipt of money on the recipient's card on it and your mobile number will receive a notification.
You can simplify the transfer of money from card to card via mobile banking. To do this, create an alias of the recipient and register in the system, so that later you do not enter a mobile number as a whole. Send to a short number 900 SMS message with the text "NAME (NUMBER) (NAME)" specifying the required values. Now to send money from card to card when creating a message you can enter only the selected payee name and the payment amount.
With mobile banking you can also top up the account by phone any person. The payment amount will be scalene with your card. This function is available immediately after registration of users in the system as described in the previous step. Then create a message with the text "(NAME) (AMOUNT)", putting the desired values, and send to 900. Upon successful completion of the operation, you will receive a notification.
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