You will need
  • card of the savings Bank;
  • - the card number of the recipient.
Insert your card into the ATM and enter her four-digit pin number. If you did everything correctly, you will see the main menu with the list of options.
Select in the menu "Payments and transfers", then "Transfer funds" in the lower left corner. Funds transfer via ATM is supported only on a debit / salary cards of Sberbank. For credit cards this option is not implemented.
Enter the number sberbankovskuyu card recipient. Also ATM you can transfer funds not only the card number but the Bank account to which the card is linked and the phone number of the recipient (provided that he uses the service "Mobile Bank"). After entering this data, the payee, click "Next".
Enter the amount and currency of the transfer. Check the details and confirm the transaction. Usually money is credited within a few minutes.
Be sure to take a receipt with the details of the operation. You will need it in case of dispute (for example, if the money will not reach the recipient).