Advice 1: How to transfer money to the card of the savings Bank with another Bank card

Plastic cards have many people, so way to transfer money from card to card is very convenient, especially if they are both issued by the same Bank and are of the same region. If cards of different banks, the situation is a bit complicated.
How to transfer money to the card of the savings Bank with another Bank card
You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - details of the branch of Sberbank, where the map is opened;
  • - account number of the card;
  • - the number of the card itself.
The most convenient option is the Internet banking. Make transfer from card to card via your personal account on the website of your Bank-the Issuer. Activate Internet banking in different banks it can be done online or after receiving the username and password in the ATM. Login to your personal account on the site, select the payments tab, select transfer to other Bank, specify the required details of the recipient. For the transfer your Bank will charge you a Commission, it is better to ask her size in advance, because the amount can be rather big. On average, the Commission is typically 1-2% of the amount it will be deducted from your account. In different banks set certain limit the amounts transferred, both one time and cumulatively over the month.
Another possible option is to transfer money from one card to another Bank card through an ATM. To do this, use the ATM of your card Issuer. Not all banks have this option and not all ATMs have a function transfer. If so, be prepared to pay a Commission.
If you need to urgently transfer money and take advantage of Internet banking is not possible, then locate the nearest ATM of your card, remove the money (a Commission is usually not charged). After that, the ATM put money on the card recipient in cash. Or go to the nearest branch of the savings Bank and send money through the cashier.
In the cities of Moscow and Tyumen are ATMs of the Bank in which you can transfer money in rubles on the card of any Russian Bank. This applies only for cards of payment system Visa. For this you need to insert the card into the ATM, select "funds Transfer" and enter the card number of the recipient. The money will come to him on the third working day. The Commission is 1.5% of the amount, but not less than 50 p.

Advice 2 : How to transfer money from Visa card

The possibilities of modern payment systems is almost limitless. If you are the owner of modern plastic cards, such as VISA, this card can be very quickly and easily make transfer funds.
Modern cards Visa
You will need
  • Visa, the card details of the recipient, ATM, computer/smartphone with Internet access.
Transfer via ATM Required ATM with the possibility of transferring funds from card to card. After entering the PIN code, select the function of funds transfer. Further, the ATM will prompt You to enter the number of cardson which the transfer (number of cards indicated on the front of the card, above the name and surname). Then you will be prompted to enter the amount you wish to pay with his card VISA. Confirm the operation of the transfer of funds from cards.
Transfer through banking rabotnichesko to contact the Bank branch to a banking employee for cash transfer. The cashier will need to provide details for transfer of funds (number of card, name and surname of the recipient and the Bank details to send, if the recipient is not a client of the Bank or the Bank's customer in another region). After submission of all documents and denote the transfer amount, you will be given a receipt with details of the transfer.
Transfer through internetpaladin check Online Bank (many banks provide this service on their official websites). After logging in to Internet banking, select the required service (cash Transfer, or Money order). Enter the details in the appropriate fields (Amount and number of the card recipient). Check the correctness of your settings to transfer.
Transfer through mobile telefonda of the transaction required a smartphone, and apps such as PayPal or Visa Money Transfer. Go to your mobile banking app to transfer money. Choose the service "transfer to VISA card". Enter the details in the appropriate fields (Amount and number of the card recipient). Check the correctness of your settings to transfer.
Try to check all the details very carefully, because to cancel an electronic transaction after the final confirmation is almost impossible.
Useful advice
Always try to very carefully clarify the details of the cards or accounts, where to send money. Many banks when you transfer through banking employee is asked to provide details of Bank branches. These details you can contact the recipient.

Advice 3 : How to Deposit money to the card Sberbank

Bank cards are a very convenient means of payment, they reduce the likelihood of theft of cash, eliminate the need to use cash and always have. Cardholders can get discounts in shops, restaurants, travel agencies and other organizations. If the card balance is small, you can make the money on the card one of the possible ways.
How to Deposit money to the card Sberbank
You will need
  • - the document proving the identity;
  • - Bank card;
  • - pin-code.
You can make money through the terminal in the unit of Sberbank. If the money is made in rubles, and the amount does not exceed six hundred thousand, the present document is optional. You can make money directly on the card, and you can enter the card number and PIN, while very map not to use it. Following the instructions on the screen of an electronic terminal, you can easily refill the balance of your card.
Funds on the card of Sberbank it is possible to make through an ATM, providing cash. For this purpose, the ATM, you enter the map, then fill in the necessary information and then make cash.
In one of the divisions of the savings Bank you can transfer the desired amount from one card to another through an electronic terminal. To do this, enter the PIN that you want to transfer money, and payment amount. The identity document, is not required.
To transfer money from one card to another through the ATM, the procedure is the same as when working with the terminal.
Service "Mobile Bank" and "Sberbankiada also provide an opportunity to replenish the card balance. For this you need to go online via computer or mobile phone and follow the instructions on the website.
Funds on the card can also be translated from the accounts and deposits of Sberbank and other banks and credit organizations. The operation is performed in the unit of the savings Bank with the obligatory presentation of the document proving the identity. For this you need to see a specialist, working with Bank cards, which will execute the necessary documents.
To replenish the card balance through a virtual payment system such as WebMoney, Qiwi and Yandex.Money. You must register in one of the payment systems, to wallet and Fund it, and then do the translation on the card. Funds are transferred to the map immediately. For the replenishment of the card account with the balance of Commission fees.

Advice 4 : How to transfer money to another city in Sberbank

In our days to transfer money to another city in "Sberbank" (or any other Bank) is not working. Offices are located at every step, the fee per transaction is minimal, and the money not reach for weeks, and in a matter of hours. In some cases, in order to carry out the transfer of funds, not even needing to leave your home.
How to transfer money to another city in Sberbank
Cash of perevodchitsy to transfer money to another city in Sberbank, go to the nearest Bank branch. Show the operator the document proving the identity (passport). Name of the beneficiary details (Bank name, INN, KPP, current account, personal account and so on). Select the method of listing: without opening an account (cash) or from your account on the contribution. Deposit funds, pick up the document, confirming the transaction. For the transfer services banks charge a Commission. The amount of Commission may vary in different banks, specify this information among employees. The translation is done in a few days, it can be paid in cash or credited to his account in the savings BankE.
Blitz periods departure of Blitz-translation, please contact any branch of Sberbankand, with a passport. Name surname, name and patronymic of the recipient, as well as series and number of his passport. Make money, take the documents confirming the transfer and containing the identification number (code). Contact the beneficiary and name a code that he would need to report when receiving money in his citye in any branch of Sberbank. The speed of the transfer is one hour, the Commission depends on the transfer amount, the maximum amount of transfer per day is five hundred thousand rubles.
Translation will cartoonstitute to the Bank, hand the teller in the service Department of Bank card identity document (passport), report the card number, which should be earned cash. Make the required amount, take the check. The Commission for transfer of funds to the card will not be charged, on average, the rate of enrollment is 24 hours.
Internet bankingsystem to transfer from one plastic card Sberbankand the other card (or to the beneficiary's account) you may own through the self-service machine or from a personal account on the website of Sberbankand if you have activated the service "Sberbank Onl@yn". Select the operation "Transfer to card" ("account"), enter the card number, which should be a withdrawal of funds. Enter the card number, which will be credited money, enter the amount, confirm the transaction.

Advice 5 : How to convert KZT to RUB

Tenge is the national currency of Kazakhstan. In translation from Turkic language tenge means "money". Tenge was introduced to replace the Kazakhstan currency "som". Kazakhstan after all of the CIS States introduced a national currency in 1993. If you come from Kazakhstan to Moscow or another Russian city, you have the need to convert tenge into roubles. This can be done freely throughout the territory of the Russian Federation.
How to convert KZT to RUB
You will need
  • - cash tenge;
  • - currency exchange;
  • - passport;
  • - Bank card.
If you want to know the approximate amount in Russian roubles, can use services of websites that provide these services. The sites are named currency Converter, they instantly transfer the currency from one monetary unit to another. The website Converter is updated daily exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan. To convert KZT to RUB, you need to choose the source currency unit (KZT), the desired Bank and currency output (the Russian ruble).
Now that you are aware of the approximate amount in Russian rubles, you can safely go to a currency exchange. Choose the Bank that offers the best exchange rate (it can be found in advance through the Internet or phone call to the Bank). Check with the cashier whether the desired amount and swipe exchange. The exchange of tenge for Russian rubles on the territory of Russia, the cashier of the Bank may be required to present a passport.
If the same Bank you have two settlement accounts (in Kazakhstan tenge, and the second in Russian rubles), you can just transfer the required amount from one account to another. The Bank will take only a small percentage for the conversion.
If the second account in rubles you have in the Bank there, get him immediately before the exchange. All the details of the operations, the possibility of exchange of tenge to Russian currency can be specified in a specific Bank.
You have a Bank card with the account in tenge? You can remove it with Russian rubles at any ATM on the territory of the Russian Federation. Tenge will be automatically converted into rubles.
There is a way of converting tenge into roubles without visiting the Bank. You can use the services of Internet banking. The most popular option is the Webmoney service that instantly transfers money from a purse in tenge to the purse in Russian rubles.
Useful advice
Do not make the exchange transaction at the street money changers: a very large likelihood of fraud.

Advice 6 : How to put money on the card the Bank of Moscow

"Bank of Moscow" offers its customers the opportunity to make a variety of cards, allowing to realize different goals and needs. When you need to recharge your account you can choose one and helpful to make this procedure actually in a matter of minutes.
How to put money on the card the Bank of Moscow
Please contact branch "Bank of Moscow" for the replenishment of the card account. If you carry a plastic card and a passport, then go to the checkout and tell the amount of Deposit. The cashier quickly enough to comply with your request. If you have no cards, but you remember her number, then ask the economist at the Bank to put money on your card.
Use the ATM, which has a function of reception of cash. Insert your card, enter PIN code and go to refill. Insert into the hole on one bill. The device will indicate the amount paid. After the required quantity, click "Add". Verify that the funds credited to your plastic card.
Log in to the system "Internet Client-Bank" from "Bank of Moscow". Can contact their nearest branch and complete the appropriate application form. After that, sign a contract, carefully studied the conditions and a fee for this service. As a result, you will get the opportunity to manage the account of a plastic card via the Internet.
Put money on the card "Bank of Moscow" transfer from an account opened in this Bank or in another Bank through the system "Internet Bank-Client". To do this, simply log on to the website and go to section control map. Select Deposit method and fill in the form of remittances. Click "Add" and confirm the operation.
Ask your relatives, friends or partners to put money on the card "Bank of Moscow". It's enough to call them your card number they will report to replenish the Bank Manager. Remind them that this operation can be carried out only with the provision of the passport of the Russian Federation. If you are using exchange account, there must be a notarized power of attorney in the name of replenishing.

Advice 7 : How to transfer money to a foreign Bank account

The volume of international financial operations is growing along with globalization. Actively transferred the money abroad not only international companies but also individuals. But when conducting such operations, it is important to understand their characteristics.
How to transfer money to a foreign Bank account
You will need
  • the money for translation.
  • - account details.
Find out the number of the invoice recipient and payment details of the Bank. Among them must be SWIFT code, Bank name and address of office serving account. You also need to clarify, as written in Latin letters, or other local alphabet the name of the account holder.
If you are sending a large sum of money to a person which is not related to your family, be prepared for the fact that you need help with the IRS on the legality of the money. The same situation, only for any amount of money will arise if you send money to an account in your name.
Come to the Bank through which you want to do the translation. Most likely, you will have to open an account financial institutions are rarely allowed remittance abroad without opening it. Inform them the amount of the transfer, and that you want to send it to another country.
Read and verify a payment order drawn up by the operator. If all the information is correct, place it on the signature. After that, the employee with not enough money to transfer to your account will direct you to the cashier where you will be able to increase your balance. After payment, you will receive a copy of the documents i.e. the copy of the payment order from the Bank. Find out how much time will go payment. It usually takes three to five days. After this period you can contact the person - the recipient of the amounts and find out what happened to his money.
Currently, the cash transfers can be performed not only by banks but also with the involvement of payment systems. For example, on the website of Western Union to do a money transfer with your Bank card on a foreign account. However, this service is not yet operating in Russia, it can be used only in some neighboring countries.

Advice 8 : How to transfer money Transfer to Sberbank card

The withdrawal of money from Yandex-purse at stake, Sberbank of Russia differs in nothing from the transfers of funds from the electronic payment system to map any other Russian Bank. There are two the simplest way for such a transaction, provided by the system.
Yandex money

The algorithm output Yandex.Money to card of Sberbank

Go to the site Yandex.Money - and pass authorization by login and password. Then in the top left corner, under the identification number of the purse, find the button "Withdraw funds", click on it. A new window will appear "How to withdraw money from account", then choose in the top first paragraph "Transfer to Bank card" button-link "Visa or MasterCard", then click on it.

Next, a new window will appear with background information on the terms of such transfer. In particular, at the time a transaction will take from one to six working days, the fee will be three percent of the amount plus 15 rubles. The main condition for translation – map, which sent the electronic money must be issued only by the Russian Bank. In the case of sberbankovskoy plastic this question disappears by itself.

The next step is click on the link "Transfer money" button, you will see a window "the Withdrawal to Visa/MasterCard. Fill in all required fields – enter the card number of the recipient and specify the amount you want to withdraw from the account in Yandex.Money. The bottom line will indicate the amount that will ultimately credited to the account of Sberbank taking into account non-recurring and interest of the Commission. Enter all details and click "Pay". Further, if the user's account payment system connected to the mobile phone number, you will need to enter sent to the appropriate number of one-time password that is valid for only three to seven minutes. Enter the password and complete the payment. Now remains to wait for the transfer money to the card.

Alternative to the card of Sberbank

Sberbank is not the only option to withdraw funds from a Yandex-purse. So, the system Yandex.Money today offers its authenticated users plastic card Yandex.Money MasterCard with free three-year service and graduation.

To obtain this card, you need to leave the application on the website Yandex.Money from the user's account will be charged 199 rubles for card delivery to the right address in Russia or abroad. You can withdraw money at any ATM, and this card you can pay everywhere, where MasterCard is accepted. The withdrawal of money from Yandex-purse on the card is instantaneous.

Advice 9 : How to act if I lost the money from the card Sberbank

An increasing number of people prefer to pay for purchases using cash, a Bank card, it can be purchased in online stores and make online transfers. Also with the era of debit cards has disappeared wages in envelopes, and the amount due the employer can send to Bank account. But, alas, sometimes the money from a credit card can disappear much faster than if they were stored in the wallet.
How to act if I lost the money from the card Sberbank
Many of the card "savings Bank" to the current account tied to a personal mobile phone number on which usually connected service "Mobile Bank" service "Sberbank Online". It allows Bank customers to always be aware of the recent cash transactions with card, as well as to monitor the account balance.

It would seem that with such a robust security system, as in "Sberbank of Russia", leader of the banking sector, the owners of debit and credit cards can sleep peacefully, but there it was! Sometimes on the mobile phone received phishing calls and texts fraudsters posing as Bank employees and every crook scouting is strictly confidential information: card number, expiry date of its validity, the holder's name, CVV code, username and password from the online service of "Sberbank". A person who believed in the sincerity of the words of the thief, subsequently, can detect the leakage of funds. So what if you are robbed?

The first thing

As soon as you find in the transaction history of your card you may be unfamiliar with the transfers, you must immediately block it. It is possible to do using the interface of the "Sberbank Online" and the option "Block the card" next to the number, as well as contact the operator of the hotline numbers: +7 (495) 500-55-50 or 8 (800) 555-55-50.

After your Bank account was blocked, you need to contact nearest branch of "Sberbank" for filing allegations of fraud. For this you need to have a passport and preferably a printout of the latest transactions made on the card. The Bank employee is obliged to record your message and pass it for further consideration. If the stolen amount was sufficiently large, you should not be confined to the statement made in the Bank, and additionally you need to contact the police and notify them about the incident.

What to do next?

The next day after the filing of the petition for refund you should recieve an SMS with the registration number of the application. The hotline "Sberbank of Russia" and calling these numbers, you can always find out the final decision on your question. Typically the cases about thefts from Bank cards takes weeks to months. In most cases the stolen money from the account it is possible to return to full size.

If on the card after the fraud was

In the case where the fraud was not extended to all your finances, and only their part, you'll want to remove the balance from your Bank account. This can be done at any branch of "Sberbank", appearing personally with their passport and calling the desired amount for withdrawal.

In addition, after blocking the card, you will be able to submit a petition for reissuance, with a new Bank card will be linked to the current account. It is you to transferred and refunded the money.

Advice 10 : What to do if the ATM does not return the map

Bank card is a convenient and secure way of storing money. You can pay directly in stores, and you can withdraw money at any ATM. But when handling the latter may have unexpected problems.
What to do if the ATM does not return the map

Why ATMs swallow cards?

The ATM may refuse to return the card for a number of reasons. Maybe you mistyped the PIN code several times in a row. Perhaps there was a serious technical failure in the operation of the device. The map could block the Bank that it is released. It could get mechanical or electromagnetic damage, or have simply expired. If the ATM for one of these reasons was detained by the map, it should display the phrase "map of the detained" and print a receipt on which the code of holding the card.

What to do?

The first thing after attempts to withdraw the ATM card you need to try to undo this operation by clicking Cancel. If the card was wrongly detained by the ATM, he will return it within two to five minutes. If the ATM card was not returned, you need to contact the service center agencies, which caters specifically to this unit.
Be sure to keep the receipt that issues the ATM after the arrest card. At least you have on hand will be information about the reasons for blocking, which you decrypt with your Bank.

This organization is usually indicated on the ATM. During a call, you need to tell the operator that your card was detained by ATM, to dictate her number and nameplate data, to clarify when and how can I get the card back. Do not forget to specify what additional documents you need. For example, if the ATM and your card belong to different banks, you may need a letter of guarantee from the Bank that issued the card.

If the ATM it is impossible to find contact information for a service organization, call your Bank and explain the situation. Be sure to specify the location of the ATM. In any case, your Bank should call be sure to block the card.
Let the memory of your cell phone number to the customer support Department of your Bank. This will save nerves and time in a critical situation.

How to get your money then?

After returning your card or a third-party Bank, it should unlock. You need to write a standard application with your Bank. Keep in mind that the return of the card takes a few weeks, so in some cases it is easier to write a statement about the reissue of the card to the same Bank account. This procedure takes on average a week. Most likely you will have to pay some amount for unlocking, locking or re-issue.

Advice 11 : How does the number of the card of Sberbank

Each card of Sberbankand there are two main props. This is the card number and the account number of the card. The names of these data is similar and therefore often confused. For banking transactions, provision of details in different organizations and making payments, you need to know, how does the number of the card of Sberbank.
How does the number of the card of Sberbank
To see how the number of the card of Sberbank, it is necessary to look at its face. Usually these numbers are shown on the map in the following format: XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX. Card number can contain from fifteen to nineteen characters, it depends on the type of release, for example, if the card is optional. There are times when information is not complete and only the first four or the last four digits.

What is the card number?

The first character denotes the type of payment system, for example, the VISA cards will be numbered with the number four. The first six digits together indicate the ID of the issuing Bank (BIN). Figures from the seventh to the fifteenth carry information about what a card (debit or credit), in any currency issued in what city and much more. The sixteenth sign is the verification. There is a certain algorithm, which calculates the number and the last digit is the key to being "right" if he, and not whether the card is a fake.

What is the card number differs from the number of the card account?

Card account dvadtsatiletnej and usually begins with the digits: "40817", it is the same throughout the duration of the service contract. During the time of a contract can be issued multiple cards, each tied to a Bank account, the old one is blocked.

The card number and her Bank account needs the user to provide their details for the transfer of remittances and miscellaneous income. If the translation will be carried out in the ATM or through a personal account Sberbank online, simply provide the payer only the card number and name and surname of the recipient.

For salary, the employer will need to inform the account details of a Bank card: Bank's BIC, correspondent account of the Bank, the INN of the recipient and the card account.

How to check the card of the savings Bank, if it is not read, is not applied completely?

In this case, the desired data can be obtained in the following way:
• calling in support of Sberbank;
• posets my personal Bank with your passport;
• looking at the right information in the leaflet, which is issued at the Bank upon its issuance;
• watching the data via Sberbank online.

Do I need to know the number of cards in case of theft or loss?

It is desirable to retain all the details of your card and know the phone service free support of Sberbank (8-800 555 5550). This information will be useful to you in case of theft or loss of plastic.

To lock the phone enough to know their passport details and the code word that the user invents at the time of conclusion of the contract on the maintenance of Bank accounts.

If the code word does not remember, block your card at the place of opening, it is necessary to be a Bank, with passport and write the application. The lock can be realized through a personal online account or using the service "Mobile Bank", if you are registered for these services.
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