You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - details of the branch of Sberbank, where the map is opened;
  • - account number of the card;
  • - the number of the card itself.
The most convenient option is the Internet banking. Make transfer from card to card via your personal account on the website of your Bank-the Issuer. Activate Internet banking in different banks it can be done online or after receiving the username and password in the ATM. Login to your personal account on the site, select the payments tab, select transfer to other Bank, specify the required details of the recipient. For the transfer your Bank will charge you a Commission, it is better to ask her size in advance, because the amount can be rather big. On average, the Commission is typically 1-2% of the amount it will be deducted from your account. In different banks set certain limit the amounts transferred, both one time and cumulatively over the month.
Another possible option is to transfer money from one card to another Bank card through an ATM. To do this, use the ATM of your card Issuer. Not all banks have this option and not all ATMs have a function transfer. If so, be prepared to pay a Commission.
If you need to urgently transfer money and take advantage of Internet banking is not possible, then locate the nearest ATM of your card, remove the money (a Commission is usually not charged). After that, the ATM put money on the card recipient in cash. Or go to the nearest branch of the savings Bank and send money through the cashier.
In the cities of Moscow and Tyumen are ATMs of the Bank in which you can transfer money in rubles on the card of any Russian Bank. This applies only for cards of payment system Visa. For this you need to insert the card into the ATM, select "funds Transfer" and enter the card number of the recipient. The money will come to him on the third working day. The Commission is 1.5% of the amount, but not less than 50 p.