You will need
  • - account number in the savings Bank;
  • - the passport.
Get the account number in the savings Bank to which the card is linked. Also we will need other details, the Bank's correspondent account and BIC.
Make transferfrom the comfort of home. To do this, you must be connected to the system "Telebank" or "Bank-client online", created by VTB24. They are added to your client package after contacting the Bank, the signing of the contract and in some cases obtaining an electronic signature. After gaining access to one of these systems go to the website VTB24 - in the appropriate section of the "Telebank", enter your username and password and then complete your money transfer from one account to another. Usually it takes a working day, but can reach up to three days. To protect your tools use only computer-tested and protected with anti-virus.
If you do not have online system to support payments and you do not want to register, do a transfer through a Bank branch. To come in one of the offices of VTB24 and consult a Bank employee. He will issue you a payment order for a wire transfer and if necessary will direct you to the cashier, and if your account has insufficient funds. Bring a copy of the receipt to be sure that the in which case you will have the confirmation of the payment.
Through the period one to three business days the money will be in the account in the savings Bank. The owner of the card attached to it, will have the opportunity to dispose of the money received.